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During the day, our bridge builders concreted a monolithic bridge span of 122.493 meters long. This process continued uninterrupted, and the work did not stop even at night. In total, almost 1,400 cubic meters of concrete (3,400 tons!) and 140 tons of rebar were used. To deliver the concrete to the construction site, the concrete mixer trucks made 150 trips!

The following events preceded this process:

- bridge main piers were built;

- base of rubble stone, crushed stone and reinforced concrete slabs was arranged between the supports to prevent soil subsidence when concrete casting;

- steel support scaffolding was installed;

- formwork was created on the scaffolding;

- reinforcing cage of the monolithic beam was bound;

- special high-strength steel ropes were installed inside the span structure to take permanent and temporary loads on the span structure after they are stressed.

Construction of a new 628-meter bridge across the Desna River near Chernihiv began in 2022. This is a full-fledged project that has no analogues in Ukraine. The bridge complex is being constructed using virtually all types of work available in bridge construction. The bridge will have 4 traffic lanes, traffic interchanges, an underground pedestrian crossing, sidewalk and pedestrian zones, bicycle lanes, and passages for people with limited mobility.

So far, the region logistics needs have been met by the old bridge, which Autostrada restored in July 2023. This structure will not be able to function fully for a long time, as it needed major repairs even before the full-scale invasion and has capacity restrictions (vehicles weighing up to 18 tons can cross the bridge). Therefore, it was decided to build a new, modern bridge complex in parallel. We plan to complete its construction in 2024.

Experts of the National Register of Records of Ukraine have set a record for the construction of a large-scale bridge crossing over the Desna River (Chernihiv). It was in the nomination “The Longest Continuous Monolithic Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Span".