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In 2023, FLC transported 2,030,0000 tons of products, including 730,000 tons of grain and 1,300,000 tons of inert materials. 

After the aggressor country single-handedly stopped participating in the grain deal, FLC was the first Ukrainian logistics company to start delivering grain to the ports of Odesa. From there, it could move by sea to the global buyers through the corridor established by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, returning foreign exchange earnings to Ukraine and strengthening the national economy.

In addition, last year, First Logistics Company increased its transportation of inert materials, transporting more than 250,000 tons during peak months. In this way, we ensured the supply of the necessary materials for the reconstruction of infrastructure throughout Ukraine. To develop this direction, FLC continued to invest in the production of Ukrainian railcars and received 100 new units of rolling stock during the year. The company own fleet and well-developed railway infrastructure allow it to transport materials across all regions of Ukraine. To where they are needed most.

We thank each employee for his contribution. We are working together for the sake of the same New Year’s wish – victory of Ukraine!