MS Capital


From the very first days, all the companies of MS Capital Holding have been on the military track and are fighting back the enemy with a united front with the Ukrainians.

Throughout the year and to this day, employees of the Autostrada Group of Companies have been paving the “roads of life”, providing logistics for military cargo, setting up checkpoints, rebuilding crossings, strengthening and protecting power facilities, eliminating the consequences of the “Russian piece” in the de-occupied territories, unfortunately, even at the cost of their own lives.

Our agrarians from Kurs Agro in March, under fire, conducted the sowing season, actually 12 km from the front line, and today we have our own harvest!

In 2022, FIRST LOGISTICS COMPANY transported more than 1.6 million tons of grain and became a part of the projects – “Grain Initiative” and “Grain from Ukraine” – which save the affected countries from the food crisis.

During the year of war, the Holding companies paid more than UAH 1 billion in taxes, employed more than 5,000 people and allocated more than UAH 650 million for the needs of the military.